Water-soluble pet waste bag

Water-soluble pet waste bag
The water-soluble pet waste bag is a kind of compound bag which adopts high, low temperature water-soluble film combining production technology. Its main ingredient is polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and does not contain any polyethylene plastic. It is mainly used for domestic and outdoor clearing of pets’ poop. After clearing, it can be disposed within 10-30 minutes by discarding into waste bin or flushing down toilet. This kind of water-soluble pet waste bag is eco-friendly, it can be degraded in the soil after burying, and rapid decompose when meet water after dropping into toilet.
Product Description


1. Please squeeze the air out of bag before discarding into toilet.

2. Do NOT tie or knot bag before flushing.

3. Keep the outer package close after taking out bags.

4. Keep bags away form children.